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Owning a high end audio playback system is similar to owning a luxury automobile or a fine timepiece. Even though each product is very different, they all share some common characteristics. Frequently, these items are designed by expert craftsmen, who take great pride in their work and have a lifelong dedication to innovation in their respective fields. For them, creating the best quality product is a labor of love, providing a sense of personal achievement and satisfaction.

Regular maintenance is another characteristic essential to all three product categories. Proper maintenance should not be viewed as a design flaw or defect. To maintain optimal performance, tube equipment requires biasing of vacuum tubes, just as sports cars require fine-tuning and watches require cleanings. With usage and aging of electronic or mechanical products, it is inevitable that repairs and servicing will also become necessary. Electronic parts can degrade and vary from design tolerances as they age. This degradation not only affects the sound quality of the components in which they are installed, but may also promote the premature failure of your valued sonic investment.